James Monroe High School

Concrete Brief

Frustrated by frequently asphalt repairs in their parking lot, the maintenance staff at James Monroe High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia were looking for a better solution. After meeting with a local asphalt paver who was experienced in roller compacted concrete, it was decided that roller compacted concrete would be the most durable pavement. 

Chaney Compacted Concrete, or C3, is Chaney Enterprises’ exclusive mix of roller compacted concrete is a concrete that is placed and finished in a similar manner to asphalt, typically resulting in a significant initial cost savings between 5% to 25%, plus all the long-term benefits of traditional concrete paving.

The area was opened and cleared to expose the sub grade, then four inches of roller compacted concrete were placed directly on the sub grade. While the schools’ staff liked the strength and durability of roller compacted concrete, they wanted the parking lot to have a uniform asphalt look, so the C3 was topped with a thin layer of surface course asphalt.

By mixing and matching pavements, the school was able to have a more durable solution that will last decades longer while still maintaining the look and feel of the parking lot.

For more information on C3 or Roller Compacted Concrete, visit ChaneyEnterprises.com/RollerCompactedConcrete.