Area Production Manager (Northern Virginia)

The Area Production Manager manages the productivity and overall operations of the Concrete Batch Plants within the assigned area.

Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee all plant operations and personnel within the assigned area, providing direct supervision to the Concrete Plant Managers.
  2. Hire, train, develop and motivate employees toward accomplishing company goals and objectives; perform performance appraisals as required; complete coaching and counseling documentation and keep personnel records accurate and current.
  3. Provide advice and assistance to staff as needed and respond to all their complaints, concerns, and suggestions in a timely manner. Coach staff and implement effective problem solving and other improvement techniques using both internal and external resources as needed.
  4. Monitor employee training and development and ensure that all training is provided in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  5. Ensure all CDP’s have returned to their locations daily at the end of the day.
  6. APM has the responsibility for approval of all employee times/hours in your area.
  7. Develop, implement, and monitor strategies for assigned area in support of corporate goals and coordinate operations personnel to ensure the best overall use and productivity.
  8. Assist Sales and Dispatch in servicing customers by addressing specific problems, providing advice and assistance to customers as needed, and responding to complaints and concerns in a timely manner.
  9. Coordinate operations service in support of meeting customer demands.
  10. Ensure that all vehicles and equipment in assigned region continually remain in safe and efficient operating conditions, as well as kept in a clean, presentable condition.
  11. APM has the responsibility for the cleanliness of the fleet in your area.
  12. Responsible for routine mechanical inspections and preventative maintenance of production plants.
  13. Support and enforce all company safety programs. Cooperate with the company Director of Health & Safety and continually ensure that all company operations and activities are performed in a consistently safe manner.
  14. Cooperate with the Human Resources Department in the implementation of all company policies and procedures.
  15. Ensure compliance with DOT, FMCSR, and all local, state, and federal environmental regulations.
  16. Assist in the alignment of performance measures to company goals and objectives and in the development of strategies to achieve company goals and objectives, including recommendations for process improvements.
  17. Educate oneself continually and remain current on industry and training issues by benchmarking regularly with other companies and communicating regularly with the Training Department and other members of the industry involved with process improvement and training.
  18. Strengthen and maintain a high morale and team concept throughout the company through implementation and utilization of sound leadership and management principles, in addition to promoting and employing total quality principles to achieve a more efficient and quality workplace.
  19. Other duties as assigned.