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Bioretention Materials

Specialty Blends of Bioretention Materials

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We have SHA specification 920.01.05 and MDE specification B.4.1 in stock and ready for pickup at our Waldorf, MD facility.

Bioretention Soils 

Bioretention soils are mainly designed as a media to filter out pollutants, have an effective infiltration rate, and support plant health over time in various stormwater management systems.  Also known as biosoils, these materials can consist of planting soil, mulch, sand, silt, clay, and/or organic matter.  The ratio of each ingredient is dependent upon biosoil’s specification and the purpose.  



Retention Ponds 

Retention ponds are constructed with the primary purpose of treating and storing stormwater runoff.  These ponds significantly improve water quality for surrounding bodies of water and minimize erosion. When Pervious Concrete or other pervious surfaces are not a viable option for an area to address stormwater management practice, a retention pond is specified.  These basins catch trash, debris and help remove petroleum, fertilizers, sediments, bacteria and other harmful substances.  Proper design and maintenance is highly important for these to perform properly. Order your bioretention soil properly mixed and ready for placement with the peace of mind that acceptable drainage will occur as the pond was designed for. 

Need a custom blend? No problem, we can handle that. We have the ability to create custom blends to exact proportions. Give us your specifications and we will blend it and have it waiting for you to pickup.